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The Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

Get real-time audio and insights about your baby’s sleep activity, right on your smart device, from anywhere in the world.

Listen In

Hear your little one’s coos and cries directly from the Mimo app.

Check Sleep Status

Know if your little one is awake or asleep, and if she rolls over onto her stomach or side.

Track Breathing

Respiration sensors, which sit on top of the Mimo kimono, give you real-time insight into your baby’s breathing.

Know Body Position

Check your baby’s body position to see how they’re sleeping and be notified if s/he rolls over.

Stay Connected

Available on both Android and iOS, the Mimo app lets you stay in-tune with your baby, from anywhere in the world.

Machine Wash

Toss Mimo kimonos in the wash, and tumble dry on low. Made with love in the USA.

Made with love in the USA.

Locally sourced and made, the Mimo comes straight from New England. And we’re proud to call Boston our home.

The smartest just got smarter

Introducing the sleeker, smarter Mimo app, available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Go back in time: review how your baby slept last night, last week, and back to when you started using your Mimo.

Groundbreaking sleep insights: from active to quiet sleep, see how your baby slept throughout the night.

Account-based activation: simpler setup means that sharing your Mimo with your partner or babysitter has never been easier.

Faster streaming, easier read-outs: Basically, information about your baby flows easier and more quickly to your phone.

Streamlined monitoring: we’ve removed some clutter to make the monitor home screen easier to read - especially at 3 am.

More ZZZs for you and your baby.

From setting alerts to knowing if your baby has irregular breathing, Mimo brings real-time information and live audio straight to your smartphone. Well hello, sound sleep.

How it works

The Mimo kimono is made of soft cotton with respiration sensors pressed to the top of the kimono, keeping anything from touching your baby’s skin. Information from the sensor is sent by the Turtle via Bluetooth to the Lilypad, which then relays that data and live audio through the cloud to your connected smart device.

  1. The Turtle sends information about your baby’s breathing, body position, sleep activity, and skin temp to the Lilypad.
  2. The Lilypad streams data and live audio to the cloud.
  3. You receive real-time insight about your baby on your smartphone.

Questions on safety? We’ve done our homework to ensure Mimo is safe — check out our FAQ.