The Mimo Baby Monitor

You are a great parent.

Let the Mimo baby monitor help you sleep sounder.

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The Mimo baby monitor lets you see the things that you actually care about and are already checking.

Our new respiration sensors are non-contact, soft, and comfortable for baby while also letting you check your baby’s breathing, giving you the peace of mind that all is OK.

With our temperature sensors, you can know for sure that your little one is the perfect temperature with just a quick peek at your app.

While your baby is wearing the Mimo Kimono, you can check their movements and body position to see just how active or peaceful they are. No matter where you or your baby might be.

With our clinically validated sleep algorithms, you can know when your baby falls asleep, when they wake and how well they are sleeping. You can even track their sleep patterns over time.

Our organic cotton baby Kimono is
tested by babies and approved by mothers and fathers.

The organic cotton Mimo body suit

The Mimo app is available for both iOS and Android.

Realtime data shows you how your child is, at all times. Mimo's timeline shows patterns in your baby's activity
  • See data in real-time
  • Listen in on your little one
  • Customizable alerts will let you know if anything happens
  • Track what's happening
  • Enter custom events
  • See trends so you know how to help your baby sleep more