Stay connected with the Mimo Baby Monitor

Get real-time audio and insights about your baby’s sleep activity, right on your smart device, from anywhere in the world.

Listen In

Press play on the Mimo app to hear live audio

Check Sleep Status

Mimo makes it easy to see if your baby is awake or still sleeping and get alerts when your baby awakens

Track Breathing

The Mimo kimono features two respiration sensors (built by us (patent pending)), so you can see your baby’s breathing patterns, in real-time

Know Body Position

Check your baby’s body position to see how they’re sleeping and be notified if s/he rolls over

Monitor their sleeping temperature

Know if your little one is sleeping comfortably with a quick peek at the Mimo app

Stay Connected

The Mimo app is available on both iOS and Android devices, and accessible from anywhere – whether you’re across the room or across the world

Toss in the Wash

Made out of soft cotton, the Mimo kimono is machine washable. Just remember to remove the Turtle

Made in the US

Locally sourced and made. We're proud to call Boston our home, and to say that the Mimo is made in New England.

From the kimono to your phone

The Mimo kimono is made of soft cotton with respiration sensors pressed to the top of the kimono, keeping anything from touching your baby's skin. Information from the sensor is sent by the Turtle via Bluetooth to the Lilypad, which then relays that data and live audio through the cloud to your connected smart device.

  1. The Turtle sends information about your baby's breathing, body position, sleep activity, and skin temp to the Lilypad
  2. The Lilypad streams data and live audio to the cloud
  3. You receive real-time insight about your baby on your smartphone

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