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Build Your Own

Build Your Own Mimo

We know that every baby is different, and every parent is unique. So why should your baby monitor be built just like everyone else's?

  1. Tell us about your little one

  2. We will customize your kit

  3. And ship it to you for free

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Quality Sleep with Mimo

When your little one sleeps better, you sleep better.

How it works

The Mimo kimono is made of soft cotton with respiration sensors pressed to the top of the kimono, keeping anything from touching your baby’s skin. Information from the sensor is sent by the Turtle via Bluetooth to the Lilypad, which then relays that data and live audio through the cloud to your connected smart device.

  1. The Turtle sends information about your baby’s breathing, body position, sleep activity, and skin temp to the Lilypad.
  2. The Lilypad streams data and live audio to the cloud.
  3. You receive real-time insight about your baby on your smartphone.

Questions on safety? We’ve done our homework to ensure Mimo is safe — check out our FAQ.