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Our Story

Not too long ago, a few of us were sitting at MIT, developing a new kind of sensor that would help doctors better understand how people slept. Over the course of several months of researching, prototyping, and testing, we had a lot of conversations, many with parents. All asked the same thing: why can’t we apply what we were doing to the nursery? From there, Mimo was born and we’ve never looked back.

Over the past few years, as we’ve worked to bring our first product to market, we’ve learned a lot. For one, we’ve learned what parents truly want out of a monitor, so we built the Mimo Smart Baby Monitor, which gives parents a new level of insight into their baby’s sleep quality and activity. With our non-contact sensors, app, and real-time movement and breathing data, it’s the most accurate, comfortable, and (yes!) machine washable monitor on the planet.

But we’re not stopping there. We believe in making products that simplify parents’ lives. So we’re developing a few other products that will communicate with each other and be accessible and controllable from a parent’s smart device - creating what we call “The Smart Nursery”.

We have a blast doing all of this, talking with Mimo Moms and Dads, and working with each other to bring Mimo to more families each and every day.

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Do you think the world where that tech meets parenting is only going to get bigger, better, and smarter? So do we! We're looking for smart, scrappy people who are obsessed with revolutionizing the way tech simplifies our lives. #MustLoveBabies

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We’re looking for excited engineers who love the intersection between software and hardware to run, maintain, and further develop our back-end software! Our goal is to build a network of related devices that will make parenting a bit more restful, easier, and more fun!

The work

  • Develop scalable and maintainable distributed backend systems
  • Build tools to help troubleshoot, diagnose, and monitor system performance
  • Develop RESTful APIs for mobile and web consumption
  • Interface hardware into the system and build tools to manage hardware deployment and updating
  • Work with hardware development to design communication protocols

The skills

  • Love of tinkering, hacking, and general git-er-done attitude
  • BA/BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • Experience with Node.js, RESTful API concepts, and database interactions
  • Ability to quickly pick up new technologies, frameworks, and design patterns
  • Familiarity with Git + Github (open source portfolio is a plus)
  • Strong command of algorithms and data structures
  • Experience with Redis, MongoDB, and/or AWS
  • Experience with security protocols a plus
  • Experience deploying and maintaining web apps

As our front-end developer, you’ll be building out our website so we can share the Mimo product line with the rest of the world! You’ll have the chance to design and develop a website used by thousands (or millions!) of moms and dads and show them just how amazing our product line is.

The work

  • Develop a cohesive set of design elements and implementation to be used across web and mobile
  • Write modular, scalable, testable HTML/CSS/JS for
  • Develop/modify workflows around deployment and testing
  • Maintain and develop our Ghost powered blog
  • Make the Mimo Baby website an easier and friendlier site for parents

The skills

  • BA/BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • Detailed knowledge of web development best practices
  • Eagerness to embrace new website technologies and developments
  • Design experience with accompanying design portfolio
  • Familiarity with Git + Github (open source portfolio is a plus)
  • Familiarity with Handlebars.js, Grunt, Ghost, Node.js, and/or Sass