Ashleigh Waugh is a Mom to little dude Mikey, who was born 8 weeks premature. These days, Mikey is rocking it and doing great. From the days and nights in the NICU, to the therapy appointments, to the moments of pure joy, Ashleigh knows what it means to be #AlwaysAMom.

To me, #AlwaysAMom means...

... finding the balance of wanting him to stay my baby and wanting him to meet that next milestone.

... always protecting him and fighting for what he needs, from aqua therapy to RSV shots.

... always being his momma bear.

... always wanting him to know how much I love him. Every hug and snuggle brings me back to the first moment I held him!

I've realized he will always be my miracle baby, and I will always be in his corner. #preemiemom