Everyone reads to their kids. It's one of the first things we, as parents, do to introduce our children to the world around them. The stories are creative, they're fun, they're colorful and engaging, and they're nostalgic. In some cases they remind us of what our parents read to us. In others, they're books written in the last few years that speak to the 30-something parent.

But whatever you read, the most important thing is that you read. Speak to your kids through books, tell them stories, get their imaginations running, and have a boatload of fun.

We polled some Mimo Parents for their favorite bedtime reads, and the responses we got back were pretty awesome. Notably, each had their favorite books, but those often didn't coincide with what their little ones preferred. So here's the list of the best of the best, as told from Mimo Parents and their kids alike.

Our Mimo Parents' most awesome books to read:

Ana Zamost, a Mimo Contributing Parent, says that "early on, they couldn't get enough of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Goodnight, Gorilla." Now that they're older (Ana has twin girls, who are almost 3 years old), "Dragons Love Tacos, The Day the Crayons Quit, and Monster's Monster are all they want to read. That, and sing anything by Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham.

Jon Garland agrees with Ana. "Those were definitely Sammy's faves, too. He also loved Fly Went By and Nate the Great. And Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site was a constant read."

In Dave Goldenberg's house, his Joe and Ava love The Paper Bag Princess (big at my house too with 22 month-old Sadie), What People Do All Day (one of Scarry's finest) and Ladybug Girl. "I can't wait to crack open Roald Dahl books again," he says.

Whatever you or your little ones fancy, the only thing that matters is that you devote some time each night to reading a book. Or, in Jon's case, "for a while we would just take turns making up stories and that's always fun. I'd start, then pass to him, and back and forth." Hear, hear, Jon, sounds super fun.

And of course, never forget the all-important classic: Goodnight Moon.

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