Here at Mimo, we've been doing a lot to celebrate the holidays. Eventually, we'll get a little bit of rest ourselves (as 2015 is shaping up to be a pretty awesome year for us), but for the last month, we've been pretty busy with both work and fun here at Rest Devices HQ. Here's a quick recap of the fun stuff.

Julebord Holiday Party: Marie, who makes up our entire Creative & Design department, hails from Norway, is an unbelievable chef, and puts together a mean party. So naturally, when it came time to put together our holiday party—Julebord, as they say in Norway—Marie pulled out all the stops.

Reindeer Games: Every year, we do a Secret Santa-style hang, that we've dubbed "Reindeer Games." Starting in the middle of a parking lot flanked by Home Depot, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Costco, each participant pulls a name from a hat and gets 20 minutes to spend $20 on that person, then meet in the Costco cafe for lunch. It's a mad dash for the lunch spot, but also a wonderful way to get creative—and do so rather urgently. A few highlights of gifts this year:

  • Katy: a Hello Kitty winter hat
  • Marie: a stuffed Olaf and a geode set
  • Carson: a Nerf-style bow & arrow
  • Thomas: a self-driving drone

Happy holidays from all of us here at Mimo!