alt My daughter Sadie is a peanut. So is her Mom, and admittedly, her Dad kinda is too. Sadie's always been in the sub-20th percentile for weight, and as she graduated from her first 3 months, she started dropping in height percentile as well. Neither her Mom nor I were surprised, based on her genes.

She still has no hair. Me, I'm bragging.

Her being rather challenged in the weight and height department carries with it a wonderful benefit (besides affording her an unforgiving cuteness): she's still able to fit into her 6-12 month Mimo kimonos. As I've mentioned before, Sadie has been one of our beta babies here at Mimo, so she's helped us test out some larger kimonos (for inquiring minds, stay tuned!), but she can still squeeze into the 6-12s. And last night, that's all we had.

Yesterday morning, Sadie came down with a moderate fever. It was followed by a rash and a little bit of coughing that didn't stick around. When the fever didn't subside on its own, we gave her some Tylenol, which sort of helped. Before bed, her fever had returned, and my wife and I were slightly concerned. Based on all of her symptoms we figured this was teething-related (she's been a drool madwoman for the last week, and was exhibiting no cold-like symptoms), but regardless, we put her to bed with a tinge of anxiety. Call it the first-time-parent jitters. Enter Mimo.

So last night, as Sadie was quickly falling into baby dreamland, wearing her Mimo kimono, my wife and I were deep in the Mimo app, checking her breathing, skin temp, and listening in, to ensure that Sadie was okay. And it gave us all the peace of mind in the world.

Whether it's been in the form of a Google doc for our nanny to share what she and Sadie have done over the course of the day, or a monitor that provides us insight into how our daughter is sleeping, we've loved knowing what's going on, and learning from it all. We stay connected to our daughter in more ways than are recountable here, but one of them is by ensuring we've got a solid basis of understanding about her world. And last night was no different, albeit giving us a bit more assurance in the process. Sadie's still our little one and she's still super cute and generally healthy, but even well after the early days, Mimo is letting us sleep better. And I hope that never goes away.