2014 has been a big year for Mimo, as in our biggest year yet. We've had some big milestones, have learned something new every single day, and have been so proud to grow. Here's our top nine moments from the last year:

  1. CES 2014 — working with the team at Intel, launching our bottle warmer concept, and winning the Engadget Best of CES Award.
  2. The crush following CES to get our units shipped on time — we worked around the clock (see visual here) and one of us actually fell asleep in a trash can because he was so exhausted (seriously).
  3. Launching sales with Babies 'R' Us in February — shipping a product for the first time is a feeling like no other.
  4. Continuing our tradition of Reindeer Games: the Mimo Holiday Tradition. Basically, everyone on the team has $20 and 20 minutes in a Costco / Target / Home Depot / Michael's shopping center to buy the best possible gift for their just-announced Secret Santa. It's super efficient and ridiculously fun.
  5. Launching with Amazon in August — they've been phenomenal partners and we pretty much adore our buyer.
  6. Developing our manufacturing in New England — we have amazing suppliers and manufacturers, and our relationships with them are criticial to our success. We've got major hometown pride, we love seeing our manufactuing lines, and we adore the people we work with.
  7. Building out our shop in the basement of our office — we've added some low-cost tools that let us build and prototype just about anything on an incredibly short timeline. It's fun, it's fast, and, best of all, it means we can do all our product development in house, which is phenomenal.
  8. Growing our team to be ten amazing people — they have become family to me, and we hope that our efforts to build better products are helping your family get some more sleep too.
  9. Being able to work with customers every day to improve the product — whether it's the Android app, setup, or the timeline. We are so thankful for our Mimo parenting community, particularly our beta testers, who give us feedback on just about everything from app to hardware.