alt Over the last few months, we’ve made a lot of progress at Mimo, from our team to the product to our vision. Our team has grown from 5 to 11 people, and we are so thrilled about everyone who has joined the crew (you’ll get a separate post introducing everyone, so stay tuned). Our growth has allowed us to move faster and better—we’ve gained expertise, sheer talent, and energy, and all of this is leading to significant updates to Mimo.

Because of this, we’re accelerating progress, and I’m excited to share some updates we have coming in September. The first big one is to our app. We’ve been doing a complete redesign of the user interface to make it far more user-friendly, useful, and relevant. This change is most notable in the onboarding process, i.e. how you get your Mimo system set up. We’ve gotten excellent feedback from parents (thank you to everyone who has been in touch with us for the last year!), and we’ve completely changed the design so it’s simpler and also more informative, especially if you have a funky router setup or password.

Following this, the next big area we’ve been tackling is the Timeline view. Our dream team has completely overhauled that piece of our server and app, and we think you’re going to like what you see—you will have the ability to look at basic sleep trends, scroll back through days and weeks of information, log events (like feeding!), and see how your baby’s sleep is changing over time. We’ve been testing with a handful of our Mimo parents, and we’ve been hearing great feedback. We can’t wait to release it!

Finally, we’ve been continuing to tweak the sleep algorithms for accuracy. Hopefully you’ve seen improvements, but we have a few major changes that are going to remarkably change the way the Mimo develops as your baby grows (since their sleep and activity patterns change with every week and month that passes).

All of this work should change not only what you see at a surface level but should also positively improve how you interact with and use Mimo as a parent. We hope that you love the updates, and, as always, we want to hear from you—email, call, tweet, facebook, or visit us in person!