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As the Boston winter melted away and our strollers started rolling into the spring sunshine, we here at Mimo HQ started to think of a unique approach to engage with you, our valued community.

We thought of a community rooted in what makes parenting real. Sleep is hard to find, you don't connect with your partner like you used to, and you're madly in love with your baby - most of the time. The ups are way up, and the downs are way down. And we aim to share that journey with you.

Inside The Crib will be with you every step of the way, with tips from infant sleep experts, exclusive discounts and contests, and bite-sized content for your 2am feedings. And over time, as we learn more about what you love and hate, we'll tailor the content we send, just for you.

Inside The Crib will also bring you inside the world of Mimo. You'll be the first to learn about new products, new retail partnerships, and new launches. As we launch new features in beta, you'll be the first to know, and the first to test.

We all know what's inside the crib: it's what matters to

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New Mom Ciera Cell tells us about what it means to be #AlwaysAMom, no matter the hour.

To me, #AlwaysAMom means...

... waking up every few hours no matter how sick, tired, or zombie like you are to comfort and take care of your child.

... skipping meals for yourself to take care of every chore around the house, making sure your child is fed, changed, and in a happy state.

... taking naps every chance you can while they're taking theirs.

... sacrificing a weekend out on the town to spend time at home with your little one just so they know you're always there.

... to love your child unconditionally, to be a mom, it makes you selfless, a care provider, a teacher, a nurse, and most importantly a comforting shoulder to cry on at every possible moment.

To always be a mom, you are a superhero.

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Becca Gutner has been #AlwaysAMom since her first little one was born almost 3 years ago. Now a Mom of 2, Becca knows how to ride the wave.

To me, #AlwaysAMom means...

... knowing there's a little person that is half of you.

... being disproportionately excited about someone's regular bodily functions.

... being so tired that you can't see straight when woken up at all hours of the night but then not being able to be mad at the little face on the other end.

... using a language only you and one or two other people understand.

... doing everything in your power to hear one more giggle.

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Jackie brings a unique perspective to being #AlwaysAMom. Ridiculously cool and very inspiring, here are some snippets from her story.

To me, #AlwaysAMom means...

... worrying about a runny noses while fighting for your country.

... treasuring every second together before its time to go again.

... making a special mommy pillow for your little love to hug when mommy can't be there.

... finding special ways to show your little one you're always with them no matter how far away.

... means making sacrifices to provide a better future for your child.

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Today is my first day back at work at Mimo after spending (almost) every minute of maternity leave snuggling my new baby boy, JB. I can't believe what an incredible whirlwind these last four months have been -- lots of nursing, diaper changes, and ultimate mama and son bonding.

To me, #AlwaysAMom means...

... letting JB nap on me and hold off peeing for an hour or two.

... pulling over on the side of the road and feeding my hungry babe.

... no time for makeup or hair washing. A trend that continues from being #foreverpregnant.

... too many emotions, e.g. sobbing uncontrollably when Can You Feel The Love Tonight comes on whatever Pandora Radio children's music channel I have on for the baby.

... blowing through every yellow borderline red light because I hate his little whimpers when the car stops.

... wanting to throw him out of the window when he won't settle back down at 3am, and then missing him with every fiber of my being the minute he finally falls asleep.

... constant guilt that I've pushed him, involuntarily, out of the womb and into this world where it's not always warm and cozy and hunger doesn't exist.

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Ashleigh Waugh is a Mom to little dude Mikey, who was born 8 weeks premature. These days, Mikey is rocking it and doing great. From the days and nights in the NICU, to the therapy appointments, to the moments of pure joy, Ashleigh knows what it means to be #AlwaysAMom.

To me, #AlwaysAMom means...

... finding the balance of wanting him to stay my baby and wanting him to meet that next milestone.

... always protecting him and fighting for what he needs, from aqua therapy to RSV shots.

... always being his momma bear.

... always wanting him to know how much I love him. Every hug and snuggle brings me back to the first moment I held him!

I've realized he will always be my miracle baby, and I will always be in his corner. #preemiemom

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