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Last week, my wife flew to Dublin for business. She left on Saturday evening and returned the following Friday. Her job wasn’t easy - she had to leave her kids for a full week (the longest yet), she had to pump about 642 times, she had to drag her jetlagged brain to meeting after meeting and be present. My job? I just had to keep everyone alive.

Before she left, my wife took my son to the doctor to have an abscess reviewed. His armpit had been clearly bothering him and had been harboring a growing thing for about a week. We had been watching it, but his demeanor hadn’t markedly changed over the week, despite the reddening underarm. But that thing became uglier and uglier. So she took him in a few hours before her departure, and the doctor recommended to wait 48 hours and review again on Monday morning. My first task had been set: take one kid to daycare on Monday morning, then bring the other to the doctor, then head into work. Seeds of anxiety began to grow, despite the seeming simplicity of that plan.

Sunday came and went, with a long, nippy walk

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We couldn’t be more excited to announce that Mimo Smart Baby Breathing & Activity Monitors can now be found at Target.com.

We’ve been working with Target for a while now, in many awesome ways - in their Open House in San Francisco, for example - and they’ve been tremendous partners as we move forward our vision to bring the Connected Nursery to families everywhere. Now, we’re one step closer, with the launch of Mimo on Target.com. Check it out!

With Mimo online at Target.com, you can now add Mimo to your Target baby or gift registry, have it shipped to store, or purchase it straight from the website.

And we have more amazing Target launches planned for 2016, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, we can’t thank the Target teams enough for being such fervent supporters of our mission, and for working with us to create intuitive, engaging spaces for their customers to experience Mimo. And to all of you, our customers and parents, for helping us build the Mimo world into what it is today.

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As I type this, I am exactly 14 days away from D-Day, aka my due date. In just two weeks my baby boy will take his first breath of air (which I assume is a refreshing alternative to amniotic fluid). This is my first baby, and I am beyond excited. And nervous. And scared. Also, terrified.

While I’ve been lucky to have a pretty great first pregnancy—no morning sickness, no crazy weight gain, a lot of happy hormones and glowyness during second trimester (you can hate me now)—this last month has taken a toll on my body. I didn’t know that pregnancy carpal tunnel existed, but I know it now! Waking up with sore, tingling arms and hands in the middle of the night while I try to maneuver my way out of bed to pee for the billionth time is not fun. Throwing out your back is always terrible, but when you add a 25-pound belly to the mix, it’s really a drag. I might feel better if I could get a decent night’s sleep, but instead I suffer from insomnia thanks to all of the anxieties surrounding my impending labor.

And yet

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2015 has been a tremendous year for Mimo: we launched our second product, the Mimo Movement Monitor; moved to nationwide distribution at Babies ‘R’ Us, added colors to our kimono and layette repertoire, and grew our team. It’s been challenging, incredibly rewarding, and, above all, a tremendous amount of fun. Here are our top moments of the year:

  • Launching at Babies ‘R’ Us. Getting onto endcaps everywhere was a true leap forward for us, and we’ve been thrilled to work with the team at BRU--they’ve been fantastic and we’ve been so happy to build out Mimo with their team and stores as a key partner.
  • Preparing for the Babies ‘R’ Us launch. As you might know, we do pretty much everything in-house: no outsourcing and everything is made in the USA. So, making everything in time for big shipments was a major effort for our team, and I’ve never seen people work so hard. People moved to different states for a week, sacrificed any sense of nutritional quality, and said goodbye to sleep (and slept at the office, too). And we drank probably 500 Arnold Palmers and ate all the Haribo in the greater New

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It's no secret that babies give us a window into the soul of an unhindered human. No social inhibitions (they pee on themselves and poop on you), no stress (they don't know if your train leaves in ten minutes or three hours, and they don't care), no worry that they're going to offend your mother-in-law (though they may do it with a blowout).

I'm the father of two (2.5 year-old Sadie, 6 month-old Max), and this will be our first Thanksgiving as a family of four. By the time you read this, if you care to stalk me, you'll find me on the Upper West Side of Manhattan at my in-laws, where my daughter is most certainly trying to demonstrate just how many slices of cheese it'll take to completely cover my son, head-to-toe.

One of the great things about having a second kid lies purely in my ability to chill out. The "chill" there should be taken as a relative statement, for it can be argued that I'm not a "chill" Dad. But with Max, we're just not worried about the same things as we freaked out about with Sadie. Max wants to watch the Patriots game with

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Mommy brain is no joke. Combine it with my ADD and it's even worse! I've had more than my share of mommy brain moments, but here are my top three.

When my daughter Camryn was about three months old, she came down with a fever and I was able to get a last minute appointment at the doctor's office. I was in such a hurry to get there that when I backed out of my drive way, I drove over a garbage barrel that had fallen on its side. Somehow, I managed to get the barrel stuck around my wheel - I mean the mouth of the barrel was stuck on my wheel like I was driving a special garbage barrel tire. Then I thought if I kept backing up it might roll off, but it just stayed stuck on there. Forwards, backwards...it didn't matter. I couldn't kick the thing off my tire, either. Poor Camryn was sitting in her little car seat in the back listening to all sorts of language come out of my mouth. I finally had to call my husband, who then had to call a friend, and it took the both of them to

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