10/3 Update: Our latest version of the Mimo app—which fixes the iOS 8 notifications issue—is now available for download. The app now asks new users if you'd like to receive push notifications, which ensures notifications will be turned on. If you have problems, please contact us!

Update: Our new app version is live in the app store. This fixes the iOS8 welcome flow crash. One additional note: new users will have bugs with their notifications until our next app version goes live (another 4-7 days).

Apple released its iOS8 update yesterday (9/17). Upon testing Mimo with the new iOS, we diagnosed a couple of bugs and wanted to get a note, give you the plan to resolution, and also provide a few key steps for troubleshooting. As always, if you have questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to call us at 877.415.6466 or email at

  • First and foremost: if you have an iPhone 4S, we recommend that you do not download iOS8 quite yet. Reports say the new iOS is not optimized for any phones other than 5, 5s and the upcoming 6.
  • If you are an existing Mimo user and have installed iOS8, avoid going into the initial setup / welcome flow if possible. There is currently a bug with the new iOS that causes the welcome flow to crash. We have a new version of the app under review that will fix this.
  • If you are a new Mimo user, you will not be able to set up your Lilypad from an iPhone with iOS8 until the new app version is approved and live in the App Store. This should happen in the next 3-7 days, pending review timelines. If you need to get it up running immediately, please call us and we will work with you to troubleshoot a solution.

We are doing everything we can to ensure the Mimo app is thoroughly compatible with iOS8, so please stay tuned for further updates!