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alt We want to take a couple paragraphs to explain how our motion sensor works. This is the part of the monitor that reports body position and wake/sleep. Maybe you are curious how we know when your baby is awake or asleep, or maybe you want to know why we always say your baby is lying down when they are in a bouncy chair. This will tell you why!

We use an accelerometer to sense motion. It’s pretty tiny (about the size of a small ladybug), but it’s probably the same kind of device you have in your smartphone. It tells us if and how your baby is moving. This is straightforward: when your baby moves, he or she accelerates, the sensor picks it up, and we report back to you. It also tells us body position. For this, we basically look for gravity pulling on the accelerometer, we notice that this is the direction of the ground, and figure out how your baby is positioned relative to the ground.

A ladybug and an accelerometer. Sizes are approximate. A ladybug and an accelerometer. Sizes are approximate.

If you’re interested in how we do that last part (direction of gravity, relative body position, etc.) we explain

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