The Mimo Baby Monitor


Mimo’s organic cotton kimono is fitted with non-contact machine washable sensors that measure a baby’s respiration. When paired with the Mimo Turtle, we can monitor your infant’s respiration, skin temperature, body position, and activity level. We send all this data to the Mimo Lilypad Base Station via infant safe Bluetooth Low Energy.

Lilypad & Turtle

The Mimo Lilypad connects the Turtle to your home’s WiFi, allowing us to process your baby’s information in real-time using our algorithms. The Lilypad also has a microphone, allowing Mimo to stream your baby’s sounds to your smartphone in real-time.

Smartphone App

The Mimo app enables parents to do three things: see their baby’s data in real-time; set alerts to let them know if anything changes; and to view trend and analytics about their baby’s sleep (and more!) over time. The app works for both iPhones and Android devices.

Safety Matters

We took safety as a top priority when designing Mimo. Mimo is completely designed and manufactured in the Greater Boston Area. Turtles are water resistant, too big to be a choking hazard, and totally chew-safe. Mimo uses Bluetooth Smart in order to minimize the transmission power, which is comparable to having a traditional baby monitor next to a crib.

Get Mimo

Mimo offers more features at a more accessible price than any other product on the market. Starter packages cost $199.99 and include 3 Mimo Kimonos, 1 LIlypad base station, and 1 Turtle. Mimo Starter packages currently come in 1 size, 0-3 months, but we are adding additional sizes as soon as we can. We also sell additional Kimonos separately in a 2-pack for $29.99. These additional Kimonos work with the Turtle and Lilypad that come with any Starter Kit.

Mimo is now available for through Babies 'R' Us! If you have any questions or want to find out more feel free to reach out! Email us at!