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In the News


Engadget — January 2014

Presenting our Best of CES 2014 Awards winners

"Named the Best Kid Friendly Product of CES for its innovative model and safety."

The Today Show

The Today Show— January 2014

Wearable Tech, High-res TVs: CES Shows the Future

"These days, the push to sync up our whole world now reaches all the way to the cradle. Products like Mimo are going past the standard baby monitors with sensorized onesies."

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post — January 2014

Mimo Baby Monitor: Onesie That Tells You How Your Baby's Doing Is CES Hit

"A gadget for babies turned heads at CES 2014, a technology and consumer trade show."

WSJ Live

Wall Street Journal Live— January 2014

CES 2014: Intel Aims to Break Into Wearable Technology

"[The Mimo monitor] is an example of great products that really change people’s lives. The Mimo baby from Rest Devices actually allows parents to have the peace of mind of seeing their child’s heart rate, respiration, and temperature and to be able to respond to things that might happen during the day. "


CNBC— January 2014

Firms show off gadgets for drivers, parents, athletes

"Mom and dad can see information in live, real-time on their phone and set notifications to let them know if anything changes."

USA Today

USA Today — January 2014

Hot Technology at CES

"And over time, it tracks sleep and growth patterns. It’s the same price as other monitors, but this is the first one you can put on your baby."


Metro — October 2013

Parents rest easy with Mimo baby monitor

"The magic is in the onesie, or as Mimo calls it, the organic cotton kimono."

GDGT Central

GDGT Central— September 2013

A onesie that could save your baby's life

"Once the kit has been set up in the baby's crib, parents can download either a free iPhone or Android application that allows them to view data gathered by Mimo, like the number of times their baby turns over in their sleep, their breathing rate, and so on."

Fast Company

Fast Company — September 2013

The Quantified Baby: Connected Onesies Keep Stats on Children's Sleep

"The wearable computing trend just hit the crib. Adults have Nike+, Jawbone Up, and the Fitbit Flex, and now babies have Mimo--a connected onesie that monitors their sleep and reports back to mom and dad through a smartphone app."

SF Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle — September 2012

High Tech Items Fit for Marissa Mayer

"The company's tricked-out Peeko onesie embeds sensors that monitor baby's breathing, temperature and body position, sending that data to a smartphone or tablet via a base station and the cloud."