Frequently Asked Questions

My question isn’t here. Do you have a support line to help me out?

Yes, we can be reached at 877-415-MIMO (877-415-6466) or


How is WiFi configured?

The WiFi connection for the Lilypad is configured through a smartphone. To set up the connection, the parent simply selects their WiFi network from a list, enters the password, and holds their phone near the Lilypad for a few seconds. The information is all transmitted wirelessly and there is no need for a connection to a computer.

What is this white audio cable for?

The while audio cable is used for set up with an Android phone. If you have an iPhone, you wont need it!

How do I share the Turtle so that more than one person can view the monitor?

When you set up the Lilypad and Turtle on your phone, you are the “owner” of the Turtle. It’s really easy to share the Turtle so that others view the information on your baby! On the live monitor screen, you will see in the top right hand corner, a square with an arrow in it. Click on that and you will be given the option to text, email or tweet a link to your Turtle!

Be aware that when you share your Turtle, you share it semi-permanently: the link gives access to continued live monitoring, not just the current status of your baby. You can remove someone’s ability to monitor your baby in the settings section of the app.

I have a 5GHz router. Will I be able to use the Mimo monitor?

At this time we do not support 5GHz routers, but most routers will also have a 2.4GHz mode.


Is Mimo a replacement for standard monitors, or a complement for them?

We realize that no one wants to keep track of multiple monitors. The Mimo monitor is a standalone baby monitor that includes audio and provides all the information a parent needs to be able to check on their child. Video is planned in the future.

Can I still swaddle my baby while wearing the Mimo Infant Monitor?

Yes, it will still work just as well while your little one is swaddled.

How is the Turtle charged and how often does it need to be recharged?

The Turtle is charged by placing it on the Lilypad, in the indent. We recommend that parents place the Turtle on the Lilypad as soon as they remove it from the kimono so that it doesn’t get lost.

Once charged, the battery on the Turtle will last for several days. The current charge is shown in the app.

Why does the Turtle sometimes disconnect when it is on my baby?

In order for the Turtle to transmit data it needs to be within range of the Lilypad. This range varies largely depending on the room the Lilypad is set up in. There is no set distance that will work for everyone and we have found that within 10-15 feet works for most people. If you are getting a disconnected message, the easiest fix is to try moving the Lilypad closer to where your baby sleeps!

Sometimes the app shows my Turtle as ‘IDLE’. What does that mean?

‘Idle’ means that the Turtle is not on a child or on the Lilypad.

Safety, Privacy and Data

Is the Turtle a choking hazard?

Safety is a priority at Rest Devices! The Turtle is not small enough to be a choking hazard. We’ve built safety into the design of each part of the Mimo monitor and have followed all of the safety guidelines of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Is the wireless transmission a concern for parents?

We are just as concerned about the safety of your baby as you are! The Mimo monitor uses Bluetooth Smart in order to minimize the transmission power required for communications. This means that Mimo would be similar to having an audio monitor placed next to the crib, and is not a concern for you or the baby.

How do I know that you are not collecting data on my child?

Here at Rest Devices, we want parents to feel more relaxed and have peace of mind when it comes to their baby. Rest assured (no pun intended!) that any data you are seeing on your app is for your personal comfort. While we do collect aggregate statistics, all of it is de-identified, and is used only to improve Mimo.

Can I export data and/or get access to your API?

This is in the works but currently not available.

Is the Mimo baby monitor endorsed by pediatricians?

While the monitor is not officially endorsed by pediatricians, we have connected with many different doctors to discuss baby monitors. The overwhelming response was in favor of a device that keeps babies safe and parents relaxed (like the Mimo)!

Wear and Tear

My Turtle/Lilypad got thrown in the wash/eaten by the dog/disappeared with all the random missing socks in this house. Can I replace just that piece?

Yes, we will be selling replacement Turtles and Lilypads.

My Turtle/Lilypad has stopped working. What is your return policy?

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your Mimo baby monitor. We will replace your broken piece within the first year with your receipt.

Is the Turtle water resistant?

Yes! Life gets messy and so do kids. We know that you’re probably doing multiple loads of laundry, juggling bottles, and dealing with all kinds of other messes. While we don’t recommend washing your Turtle, it is water resistant and will likely survive a spin in the washer or a short swim in the bathtub.

How can I wash my kimono?

Kimonos can be machine washed on gentle cycle and dried using low heat.

Mimo and Families

I have twins/triplets. Can I monitor all of my babies at the same time on one app?

You sure can! Each baby will be assigned their own Turtle, and you can have multiple Turtles for each baby. Your app can be configured to show you what is going on with each of your children!

Can the Turtle be a hand me down to future children?

Absolutely! You can change the name that the Turtle is assigned to in the app to accommodate new babies!

I want to use the Mimo for more than one baby, is this possible?

In the app, each Turtle is assigned to a particular baby. A baby, however, can have multiple Turtles assigned to him/her and the system will automatically switch between the Turtles depending on which one is currently being used.

For hand-down to younger siblings, just reassign the Turtle in the app to the younger sibling, and you can keep using the Mimo!


Will my monitor work when I am away from my baby?

Yes! Whether you are in the next room, at work, away on business, or out for a date night, your Mimo baby monitor will work as long as your Lilypad has a WiFi connection.

How is the sensitivity for the alerts set?

The algorithms that we’ve developed over the last several years set the sensitivity for alerts like pauses in breathing and a child waking up. These systems take into account changes over time and the improvements that we make from gathering data from a wide variety of sources.

Will I be alarmed even when I’m not connected to my home’s WiFi?

You will receive notifications as long as the Lilypad has a WiFi connection, and your phone has any kind of data connection (either cellular (i.e. 3G/4G/LTE) or WiFi).

Purchasing and Manufacturing

Is the Mimo baby monitor made in the USA?

YES! We are so proud to have all components of the monitor made right here in New England. Our sensors are made in New Hampshire, our plastic parts are made in Massachusetts, our electronics are made in Boston, and the assembly is done right by our own building by South Station! (To be fair, the bodysuits, without any sensors on them, are coming from India and our green vinyl is Italian, but we think the distance is worth the quality of the organic cotton and that perfect, Mimo Green.)

Can I buy kimonos separately?

Yes, kimonos will be available to purchase separately and will be available in sizes 0-3 mo., 3-6 mo., 6-12 mo. and sold in packs of 2 to accommodate your growing baby.

Are kimonos available in prints/colors/patterns/sayings?

Currently the kimono is only available in the ivory/green. We love a good baby saying or ruffle bum kimono though, so we are working on it! We hope to have many different options in kimonos soon!