New Mom Ciera Cell tells us about what it means to be #AlwaysAMom, no matter the hour.

To me, #AlwaysAMom means...

... waking up every few hours no matter how sick, tired, or zombie like you are to comfort and take care of your child.

... skipping meals for yourself to take care of every chore around the house, making sure your child is fed, changed, and in a happy state.

... taking naps every chance you can while they're taking theirs.

... sacrificing a weekend out on the town to spend time at home with your little one just so they know you're always there.

... to love your child unconditionally, to be a mom, it makes you selfless, a care provider, a teacher, a nurse, and most importantly a comforting shoulder to cry on at every possible moment.

To always be a mom, you are a superhero.