Today is my first day back at work at Mimo after spending (almost) every minute of maternity leave snuggling my new baby boy, JB. I can't believe what an incredible whirlwind these last four months have been -- lots of nursing, diaper changes, and ultimate mama and son bonding.

To me, #AlwaysAMom means...

... letting JB nap on me and hold off peeing for an hour or two.

... pulling over on the side of the road and feeding my hungry babe.

... no time for makeup or hair washing. A trend that continues from being #foreverpregnant.

... too many emotions, e.g. sobbing uncontrollably when Can You Feel The Love Tonight comes on whatever Pandora Radio children's music channel I have on for the baby.

... blowing through every yellow borderline red light because I hate his little whimpers when the car stops.

... wanting to throw him out of the window when he won't settle back down at 3am, and then missing him with every fiber of my being the minute he finally falls asleep.

... constant guilt that I've pushed him, involuntarily, out of the womb and into this world where it's not always warm and cozy and hunger doesn't exist.