Nest Cam

Mimo works with Nest®

Works with Nest

Get more with Mimo + the Nest Learning Thermostat™

With Mimo and Nest working together everyone in the house sleeps better and more soundly.

Mimo + Nest Learning Thermostat

Adjust the temperature in the nursery for your little one’s comfort.

With the Mimo Smart Monitor you’ll know if your baby is too warm and can modify the temperature of the nursery from your Nest app.

After all, when your little one sleeps better, you sleep better.

Sweeter dreams with Mimo + Nest Cam

Know your baby is resting well with Mimo + Nest in your home.

Mimo + Nest Learning Thermostat

Did the baby just wake? With a Mimo Monitor you’ll be notified to changes in your baby’s sleep activity and with Nest you can view what’s going on in the nursery straight from your smartphone or tablet.

Because you deserve a good night’s sleep.

Keep an eye on what matters most from anywhere

Mimo Live Monitor Mimo Timeline
  1. Want to take a peek in the nursery? Switch between your Mimo & Nest apps.
  2. Is your little one too cool? Check the temperature in the nursery and then adjust room temperature from your Nest app.
  3. Was there a motion event in the crib? See a screenshot from your Nest Cam Video History within your Mimo app (with a Nest Aware subscription).