alt Thursday, 4pm - Update: We are working with the fantastic team at Babies 'R' Us to do everything we can to resolve the last couple shipping issues and to update their web pages (they've been terrific, which is very much appreciated by everyone on our team). Every one who placed a pre-order with BRU should be getting updated order information in the next day or so, so please watch your email. But, in the meantime, please do email us at and we will immediately take care of your order problem and answer any questions you might have. We're also available anytime at 877.415.MIMO.

Wednesday, 4pm - UPDATE: we just talked with Babies 'R' Us, and they have received all our shipments. We know that some pre-orders are shipping out, which is fantastic, and hopefully everyone who pre-ordered will receive shipment confirmation in the next day or so. The Mimo product pages still aren't up on, but we are working on resolving that as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience!

Right now, we are facing two big distribution streams: pre-orders and Babies ‘R’ Us. Neither process is working completely perfectly, so we wanted to get a post up and answer what we could. Off the bat, please know that we are available anytime on Facebook, Twitter, or by phone (877.415.MIMO) and you can always email - we will answer pretty much any question you might have and will do everything we can to fix it right then.

So, to start: pre-orders! Pending a few last shipping SNAFUs, all pre-orders have gone out, and you should have received an email from our team confirming shipment. It took us about 10 days longer than expected to get everything out, and our sincere apologies for that, as we know every day matters with newborns. As you receive (or have received) your Mimo, please do be in touch—we are happy to troubleshoot setup, navigating the app, and beyond!

Next up: Babies ‘R’ Us. For the last three weeks, we’ve been hustling to get every last kimono, Turtle, and Lilypad to BRU on time. As of last Friday, everything went out, and we have confirmed shipments arriving in their distribution centers. We’ve been thrilled, as we’re just as excited for BRU pre-orders to get to parents as well. However, yesterday everyone who had ordered so far got an email saying that shipments were delayed (with no update on a new shipment date), the site said that Mimo was backordered, and, as of last night, Mimo is no longer listed on the Babies ‘R’ Us website. We did JUST hear that someone’s starter kit order from BRU shipped, so it looks like there is a light on the horizon.

The shipping delay and website problem is highly concerning, so we’re working with the Babies ‘R’ Us team to get this resolved ASAP and to get an update to our Mimo Moms and Dads as soon as we can. The fix is still a “work-in-progress,” so we really don’t have much to report, but as soon as we have an answer, we’ll update everyone here, on Facebook, and on Twitter. We are just as anxious to find out what’s happening as you are, so please know that we’re working hard to get you an answer.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far—it means more than you could know. A lot of love has gone into every Mimo that we’ve shipped, and we really, really want them to get to parents. Stay tuned!