alt Thursday 2/27 3pm - Update: We know that people are still experiencing issues with the BRU site regarding their pre-orders. They are trying to get everyone taken care of, and the issue right now is getting the starter kit and 6-12 month kimono refill kit back up on their website, which should happen in the next few days (which we know is very, very frustrating). Again, if you have questions, please email or call (; 877.415.MIMO) and we will work with you to resolve your problem. We really, really want everyone to get their Mimo; our sincere apologies that this has been such a rocky road.

In other news, there are new apps to download for both iOS and Android, so when you do receive your Mimo, it will be an improved product.

Again, we are so, so sorry; we are doing everything we can to take care of the problem, and we will keep you posted!

Off the bat, we want to say a huge thank you to our customers and users—you guys have been incredible with feedback and about getting in touch with us about problems and troubleshooting. It’s invaluable for us to hear from people, and there is seriously nothing that galvanizes a team like hearing from its customers.

We are still working on improvements, so we wanted to get an update out. Here we go:

IPHONE APP: There is an iOS//iPhone app update that’s under review by the App Store. It was submitted on Friday (2/21), went into review on Sunday (2/23), and will hopefully be coming out any moment now. It’s worth noting, though, that the App Store is a bit of a black box and we have very little insight into how quickly things will be approved. That said, as soon as our update is pushed to your phones, we will be submitting another update, and the cycle will begin again.

ANDROID APP: We have big changes coming for the Android app, including setup, userflow, and user interface. This update should go live tonight (Wednesday, 2/26), and we will be working on more updates from there.

BRU ORDERS: We’ve been in constant contact with the team, and their site should be back up (for the starter kits) in the next day or so. In addition: if you pre-ordered a starter kit, you should be getting emails from their customer service team about your order. If your order was canceled, we urge you to go back and re-order with them, as we just shipped out a bunch of new kits to them, and they definitely have inventory in stock (hooray!). We know this is far from ideal, but we really, really appreciate your patience—thank you!

ROOM TEMPERATURE: We’ve been working on this, as we know that room temperature is reading unusually high for some people. A fix for this should go live Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

That’s the major points for now. We are, as ever, working on our software and algorithms, and we will continue to push updates pretty much every day.

Please call, email, or facebook us anytime with questions, suggestions, or problems!

Thank you all!


PS: Here are Thomas and Carson cracking away on the app and servers today: