Every summer, interns descend on our office to tackle a range of product development and marketing projects. In the process, they also collectively add a layer of energy that is hilarious, entertaining, and invigorating. Here is our top 10 list of what we loved about this summer’s crew:

  1. Team#Hashtag, also known as the posse of engineering interns that decided they were going to transform our Instagram account (who says coders can’t be marketers???).

  2. Their love of turning birthday celebrations into epic Mexican-themed fiestas.

  3. The launch of Rest’s Classic Animated GIF Collection, wherein they created GIFs of everyone and...everything.

  4. The invention of Coding While Wearing Helmets, wherein people wear bike and motorcycle helmets throughout the day while they crank out new firmware or app test code.

  5. Their extreme surveillance and diligent mapping of all food trucks within a 1-mile radius of our office.

  6. Extreme Big Wheeling (see: Tour de Franziaaaaaaa).

  7. Their fascination with all things demolition and renovation: we built out our basement space downstairs, and half the team volunteered to come in on weekends to knock down walls, paint, and add flooring. We’ve never seen people so stoked to use sledgehammers.

  8. Our anti-smoking lobbyists, who kept a running tally of cigarettes smoked by loiterers in the back alley over the summer—the result is both horrifying and...gross.

  9. The friendships we saw form, as best summarized by Doyung: “friendship and heart and spirit always lead to victory”.

  10. Their commitment to learning fast and working hard—from cranking out new boards to making and shipping product to building apps, we saw incredible growth and progress on everything they touched.