alt As you know, we do all of our own R&D. Something we're proud of, but also something that's become a big part of who we are as a company, what we stand for, and how we envision the future of our products and our industry.

To highlight all of this, we'll be starting an R&D blogpost series called "Made in the USA," starting with a very core component to early design and prototyping: our 3D printer!

So what are we 3D printing today? I asked Silas, resident Hardware Ninja, and Katy, Lady of the Machine:

"Today, we're printing parts for a jig that we'll use to make the Lilypad building process much more efficient. The jig will ultimately be used to easily align Lilypad pieces together in the gluing process. And, it's a great excuse to use translucent purple in our development process."

Stay tuned for more adventures in 3D printing!