alt Thank you to everyone who calls or emails us with feedback—it's been invaluable at helping us fix bugs over the last few weeks! While we've made some product improvements over the last several weeks, we still have much to do. Here's our focus for this week:

Audio: There are two parts to audio, static and intermittent clipping that happens every 3 seconds or so. We've determined what the bug is and are working on a fairly major software overhaul for it, so stay tuned (literally)—we know that the current audio quality is far from ideal, and we're working hard to create a crystal clear audio stream. We can't promise a due date on this piece, as we don't want to push the update without extensive testing, but we have a team of people working to get this fixed ASAP.

Android: You have hopefully noticed some small to moderate Android update over the last few weeks. These, however, are insufficient, as we're about 60% done with a massive Android overhaul that basically has us re-writing the entire app. This will fix setup, event logging, audio, and several user flow and user experience bugs that we've found. We've gotten a lot of feedback about our user flow, particularly with setup, so we'll be implementing some improvements with the new Android release and then migrating them back to iOS.

Alerts: Most of our users are reporting great alert accuracy, which is phenomenal news. However, we've gotten a handful of people who have seen some bugs with their alerts, so we're working on updating those. You will hopefully be seeing even better alerts come this weekend (and, if you ever are noticing that something doesn't seem right, be it body position or wake/sleep, please feel free to let us know anytime at and we'll be sure to note the problem and make adjustments).

Events: Last week, we fixed a problem we were having with iPhone setup with WEP64 routers. This fix introduced a new bug for iPhone users that crashes the app when you save events (i.e. breastfeeding, medicine, mood, etc). We have a new app build out that is fixing this, and it's been in review for the last three days. Note: if you HAVE been entering events, they are still saved on our server; they just won't pop up in your timeline view.

Range: We use Bluetooth Low Energy to be as low-power as possible. Though BTLE has a stated range of 50m//160 feet, we see it actually working best at an average of 15-20 feet. For some users, though, it's much smaller, i.e. in the 5-7 feet range. We've done a lot of testing (and continue to do more) and have found a bunch of issues that can reduce the range - wifi interference, other monitors, your laptop, etc. If you are having bluetooth range issues your app will generate a "Not Connected" screen. We're always working on making this range better but if you see the "Not Connected" screen, try and move the Lilypad as close to the crib as possible.

These five areas are the major places we're focusing on this week. We shift our efforts each week as we fix problems or get more feedback on a different new area, so please feel free to let us know what's working and not working, and we'll be sure to get it fixed as quickly as we can!